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I counted up all the unfinished socks I have — where I have just one sock done, or just a part of one sock. 6 pairs. If you count the ones that I haven’t even started yet but absolutely must do, like, for example, Dad’s birthday socks, it brings the total up to 8. Yeouch. (This is just socks, mind you — please don’t ask me how many sweaters I have started, languishing in various stages of mostly to not at all finished.) Doesn’t help that the pair that is no. 1 priority right now is so boring. But it’s a commission, which is good (I like money!) and for a person I really like, which is also good (I am a sucker for people who really appreciate my stuff . . . more on that later). Just some self-patterning, size 8, stockinette stitch socks done on size 2’s . . . lately I have been sooooo down on my size 2’s. Well, not when they are used to knit awesome sweaters, but for socks they are just too big. I do not know if my gauge has gotten looser or what, but this is a fairly recent development . . . and it means that, though I know intellectually there is nothing wrong with these socks, I who am used to whipping out fair isle with Louet Pearl on size 0’s, find the emerging fabric limp, loose, and lumpy. Nothing that soaking them and laying them out on the drying rack (lazygal’s blocking, h’rah) won’t fix, but still. Displeasing to knit.

I feel I should break the above up into two paragraphs, but I just can’t quite decide where. So in the end, I will do nothing! Yay. Tomorrow I think I will gather all my unfinished socks together and take a picture of them — to shame me into action, if nothing else. Either that, or pictures of the penguin. Hint: penguin is not some dinky (but adorable) eight inch dude.

Oh no.  Not at all. *ominous music*


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cropped to avoid stoner-face

Venezia pullover, 37.75″ size, from Interweave Knits, Winter ’06. Also known as, SoA, or Sweater of Awesome.

Started 02/04/07, and finished on 04/10/07 (first worn 4/14).

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Like setting up a knitblog! And knitting the first patterned round of a Bayerische sock!

(One of those statements is a filthy, filthy lie. I will let you guess which one.)

Anyways, this is not so much a first post as a pre-post. A postlogue, only as an amusing linguistic mishmash, with post not meaning after. Tomorrow (today) will bring pictures of Venezia. That is a worthy first post.

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