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Oh my god, gussets take forever!!!!


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I was sick, then there was my prom, and I’m still sick? Um. Anyways, I faithfully took pictures of aaaaaaaaaaall the unfinished socks and I haven’t posted any of them. I hate my camera: it is slow, displays colors funny, and will only connect to the computer upstairs, so I have to do a a whole little, little, thing before they can land up on this blog. It’s frustrating.

So I’m trudging along on my dad’s birthday socks. They’re done in a k3,p3 rib that alternates ever 7 rows, which does nice things to the colors in Mountain Colors’s Bearfoot — which is itself a nice, squishy, thick sock yarn — but sooooooooo boring. I’m moments away from starting on the heel flap on the second, so they’ll be done definitely by May 14th, and it will be nice not to be up frantically knitting away at 11:30 pm on May13th, but still. Boring boring boring.

Well, the next priority is a couple pairs of these guys (pdf file), so I guess I’ll be missing boring soon, but I bet not that much.  The two pairs of bazaar socks (Louet Gems Pearl, various colors, Suzan Bates size 0) are for a pair of friendship socks, which is very cute and schmaltzy, two pairs and two colorways, one sock from each colorway in each pair.  I’ve got one done and a second (same colorway second pair) almost to the heel.

I cannot mention how much I hate hate hate hate fair isling short row heels and toes.  It is literally and figuratively of the devil.

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