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Hmm . . . I think I really would have forgotten about this except for one thing . . . Sockapalooza.   You kinda need a blog for that.  (I missed the sign up date for the last one by TWO DAYS, by the way.  I wept bitter, bitter tears.)  Anyways, now that the true depths of my narcissism have been revealed (HAH!)  I’ll a) apologize for the current and future lack of pictures — unless I suddenly figure out a way to get good pictures out of a webcam. and b) give a VERY brief Let-Knit-Overview.

On the needles:

Autumn Rose pullover by Eunny Jang. From Simply Shetland 4, recomended yarn.  (priority)

Unmentionables by Lee Juvan Recomended yarn. (need pajamas for those dorms, you know!!)

Mariah  by Jodi Green.  Red Heart Super-saver.  (I wait FOREVER to do this and I end up casting on with crap acrylic in a fit of OMGMUSTKNITNOW . . .)

Butterfly-esque from Simply Noro.  I have the yarn, just not . . . the pattern?  More on this later (I have 2 whole inches of the back, woo)

Various hats and socks.  Oh, I know, I’m horrible . . . but I have at least two hats and I can’t quite recall how many socks . . . I did finish up most of the ones from previous posts . . . so these are NEW unfinished socks, at least?

Tomorrow I’ll blather on in detail about one project, how ’bout that?


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