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I have five lace projects huge shawls going right now, with two in the immediate queue (in the non-Ravelry sense of the word: there are MUCH more than two lace projects in my Ravelry queue), and an entire book of lace ordered in the mail.  All of the WIPs except the one which will most likely be frogged and restarted in suitable yarn (the Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today) require patience, attention, immobility, and most importantly, a pattern.  This makes them virtually worthless for take-along knitting which is almost all I have time for.  Yet, I see no problem with this, and plan on casting on almost immediately as soon as this aforementioned lace book arrives (A Gathering of Lace).



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Hey, this thing still exists.  Possibilities abound.

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Whee college

Um, see above? I know I had wonderful plans for being a responsible blogging and all, but, hey, college. This is the first time I’m knitting ALL WEEK, omgwtf.

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Hmm . . . I think I really would have forgotten about this except for one thing . . . Sockapalooza.   You kinda need a blog for that.  (I missed the sign up date for the last one by TWO DAYS, by the way.  I wept bitter, bitter tears.)  Anyways, now that the true depths of my narcissism have been revealed (HAH!)  I’ll a) apologize for the current and future lack of pictures — unless I suddenly figure out a way to get good pictures out of a webcam. and b) give a VERY brief Let-Knit-Overview.

On the needles:

Autumn Rose pullover by Eunny Jang. From Simply Shetland 4, recomended yarn.  (priority)

Unmentionables by Lee Juvan Recomended yarn. (need pajamas for those dorms, you know!!)

Mariah  by Jodi Green.  Red Heart Super-saver.  (I wait FOREVER to do this and I end up casting on with crap acrylic in a fit of OMGMUSTKNITNOW . . .)

Butterfly-esque from Simply Noro.  I have the yarn, just not . . . the pattern?  More on this later (I have 2 whole inches of the back, woo)

Various hats and socks.  Oh, I know, I’m horrible . . . but I have at least two hats and I can’t quite recall how many socks . . . I did finish up most of the ones from previous posts . . . so these are NEW unfinished socks, at least?

Tomorrow I’ll blather on in detail about one project, how ’bout that?

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Oh my god, gussets take forever!!!!

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I was sick, then there was my prom, and I’m still sick? Um. Anyways, I faithfully took pictures of aaaaaaaaaaall the unfinished socks and I haven’t posted any of them. I hate my camera: it is slow, displays colors funny, and will only connect to the computer upstairs, so I have to do a a whole little, little, thing before they can land up on this blog. It’s frustrating.

So I’m trudging along on my dad’s birthday socks. They’re done in a k3,p3 rib that alternates ever 7 rows, which does nice things to the colors in Mountain Colors’s Bearfoot — which is itself a nice, squishy, thick sock yarn — but sooooooooo boring. I’m moments away from starting on the heel flap on the second, so they’ll be done definitely by May 14th, and it will be nice not to be up frantically knitting away at 11:30 pm on May13th, but still. Boring boring boring.

Well, the next priority is a couple pairs of these guys (pdf file), so I guess I’ll be missing boring soon, but I bet not that much.  The two pairs of bazaar socks (Louet Gems Pearl, various colors, Suzan Bates size 0) are for a pair of friendship socks, which is very cute and schmaltzy, two pairs and two colorways, one sock from each colorway in each pair.  I’ve got one done and a second (same colorway second pair) almost to the heel.

I cannot mention how much I hate hate hate hate fair isling short row heels and toes.  It is literally and figuratively of the devil.

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I counted up all the unfinished socks I have — where I have just one sock done, or just a part of one sock. 6 pairs. If you count the ones that I haven’t even started yet but absolutely must do, like, for example, Dad’s birthday socks, it brings the total up to 8. Yeouch. (This is just socks, mind you — please don’t ask me how many sweaters I have started, languishing in various stages of mostly to not at all finished.) Doesn’t help that the pair that is no. 1 priority right now is so boring. But it’s a commission, which is good (I like money!) and for a person I really like, which is also good (I am a sucker for people who really appreciate my stuff . . . more on that later). Just some self-patterning, size 8, stockinette stitch socks done on size 2’s . . . lately I have been sooooo down on my size 2’s. Well, not when they are used to knit awesome sweaters, but for socks they are just too big. I do not know if my gauge has gotten looser or what, but this is a fairly recent development . . . and it means that, though I know intellectually there is nothing wrong with these socks, I who am used to whipping out fair isle with Louet Pearl on size 0’s, find the emerging fabric limp, loose, and lumpy. Nothing that soaking them and laying them out on the drying rack (lazygal’s blocking, h’rah) won’t fix, but still. Displeasing to knit.

I feel I should break the above up into two paragraphs, but I just can’t quite decide where. So in the end, I will do nothing! Yay. Tomorrow I think I will gather all my unfinished socks together and take a picture of them — to shame me into action, if nothing else. Either that, or pictures of the penguin. Hint: penguin is not some dinky (but adorable) eight inch dude.

Oh no.  Not at all. *ominous music*

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